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    AE CS6 and tearing of XD CAM EX Mp4 source footage


      Hi I'm getting tearing artifacts in CS6 when using XD CAM EX MP4 source footage. This does NOT occur on a colleague's CS5.5 install with the same files. I found a discussion from last year at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1009064 , where the issue was apparently resolved with a CS6 update. I, however, did not install After Effects until March/April of this year and I am experiencing the same problems as the unfortunate users of Premiere and After Effects in the beforementioned discussion. Screenshots in that discussion are exactly like the issues I am seeing, I've posted a couple of frames below. FYI, I'm on windows 7 pro and using the calibrated{Q} XD decode and MP4-EX import QuickTime Pro extensions, graphics card is a  GTX 680 with stable drivers, and 16Gb RAM on the mobo - I just checked Creative Cloud and AE CS6 is up to date. Does anyone have any helpful tips about what I could do here, or insights into what the 2012 problem was and why?


      addition: my present workaround is to stay at frame zero, apply effects and layers, clear disk cache and purge all memory... then set to render (without ever scrubbing or RAM Previewing)... this sometimes works. Of course, I need to define the endpoint of the clip as well... prior to the render run I make the duration decisions I need to (which is why the media cache file deletion is required), save and quit out, then come back in for the render session... less than ideal. The workstation has a  fast Tb drive, it's only a few months old... I am almost certain this is a CS6 decoder interpretation issue not a source footage or hardware issue.



      ... also, once I scrub through the timeline and notice an artifact it stays on that frame consistently for that session (and it also means there will be other torn frames on the clip), and purging memory can make it go away - but further scrubbing in the same session will introduce an artifact again either in the same place in-frame or somewhere else. The source footage is presently interpreted as upper field dominant, if I change that to bottom field it moves the artifact somewhere else on the frame... once again, purging all memory and clearing the media cache makes it disappear back to it's *original* state.  I'm also noticing that the artifact ISN'T a frame or field next to the *bad* frame, but a fair distance away on the timeline, and not consistently so (eg: not 25 frames away, some seemingly spurious amount).