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    Importing .wma audio format


      I was sent an audio file in .wma format.  When I try to import it, from the desk top, it is grayed out.   I tried moving it to itunes but it doesn't show up at all. 


      I would appreciate information on how to do this or do I need the person to send it to me in a different format?


      Thanks as always for your help.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Best we get a properties readout for this .wma file to get at the audio compression and the rest of the audio details.


          Oops. I just remembered that you are using Premiere Elements 11 Mac. Is my recollection correct? If so, you cannot import wmv or wma into Premiere Elements 11 Mac. Can you conver that into .mp3 format?


          Please double check what I have just written.

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WSeffff8bffc802084-1665492e133c9c19956- 8000.html


          I think you have a Windows only audio format there.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Along with ATR's suggestions and questions, it will be important to know what is in that WMA. That format can hold many different schemes, such as dual-mono, up to 6-channel (most commonly referred to as 5.1 SS, but it does not have to contain the traditional 5.1 SS channels), so knowing the details (regradless of platform), as ATR asks, can be important too.


            If you are on a Mac, then the MS Windows Audio formats can be a challenge, and require some work, to get onto a Mac.


            Good luck, and please let us know the full details of the WMA file.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Actually, I'd recommend you ONLY use WAV files as your audio sources in Premiere Elements -- even on a Mac.


              Although other file formats are supported, the program uses WAV files without so much as a hiccup. Other file formats (even AIFFs, WMAs and MP3s) can be problematic, as you can see.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                You wrote:


                Although other file formats are supported, the program uses WAV files without so much as a hiccup. Other file formats (even AIFFs, WMAs and MP3s) can be problematic, as you can see.


                Considering that this is Premiere Elements Mac question, I would offer this clarification on "Other file formats (even AIFF's, WMA's and MP3) can be problematic....". the problematic would seem to go to different degrees for the Premiere Elements Mac user in that Adobe states .wma is Windows Only no matter how many channels, whereas MP3 and AIFF are supposed to be supported import audio formats for Windows and Mac.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I cannot speak for AIFF Audio files, as I have never used those, and the problems with them, and Premiere, seem fewer, than with MP3's. Some MP3's work fine, but many do not. Also, the MP3 file is heavily compressed, so much of the data is lost, with the production of an MP3.


                  Why some MP3's work fine (it IS a "supported format" in PrE), but others do not, is a tough subject to pin down. MP3's can have many additional data within them. For instance, from certain Audio playback programs, album art, and other data can be included. The album art has caused a lot of issues, but then directly converted MP3's, with no album art, or other data, also cause issues. For that reason, if I only have an MP3 to work with, I always convert those to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, with the exception of some tiny SFX files (several of my SFX collections are only in MP3, but without any additional data, such as album art, etc.), that has worked. I am, however, ONLY working on a PC, so my PCM/WAV's have been 100% successful. I have never worked on a Mac, but know that Steve G. works on both platforms, and rely on his experience for most things Mac.


                  Now, on my PC's, I use WMA's often, when producing DVD-Videos w/ DTS supplemental Audio Streams. But again, I am ONLY working on PC's, so have never produced a DTS Stream on a Mac. Not sure what format would be required as a 6-channel Audio file, with discrete Audio Streams within. However, some PC's, and NLE programs, have issues working directly with some WMA files, because they can contain multiple Audio Streams, and some NLE's cannot handle those correctly. I use the WMA's to go from Premiere to my Minnetonka Audio SurCode DTS converter, after I have edited them in Adobe Audition. In my case, I am outputting to WMA, to act as an intermediate file, for additional editing, and a very specific Encoding. I have not Imported those into any version of Premiere.


                  When handed WMA files, I survey the files, to find out what Audio Streams are contained, and then convert those into PCM/WAV files. Again, depending on what is contained, I might do that conversion to 5-6 separate mono PCM/WAV's, and Import those. When handling existing WMA's, I just use Adobe Audition to do a Multi-Track edit and output - basically converting to PCM/WAV in Audition.


                  I have never worked with WMA files in Audacity, so cannot comment on how well, or how poorly, it might handle them.



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                    granolakid Level 1

                    Hello All,


                    I sent the wma file to my son who converted it to a wav file.  I

                    successfully imported the file into the Premiere program and so far so good.


                    As always, thanks for your help.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news!


                      Often, conversion to something that PrE can handle natively, is the best course of action.


                      Thank you for reporting your workflow and your success.


                      Happy editing,