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    Does CC Sync work properly with ANYTHING...?

    Derjis Level 2

      Getting really frustrated with CC...

      One of the benefits I was looking forward to was the ability to sync my settings, KB shortcuts, layouts, export presets, etc. on all machines; no more having to cart around KYS files, or recreate my setups every time someone brings me in to work on their machine. Only I haven't been able to get sync to work properly for a single app yet.

      PS and Illustrator will only let me sync with the account of the person who owns a particular license, which is useless to me as a freelancer; AE won't sync ANY of the settings for me, in spite of the fact that it goes through the motions and pretends like it's syncing; Premiere will sync my settings and workspaces, but not my KB shortcuts. Seriously, what the 'eff is going on here? Does anyone have any suggestions here? Beyond, like, "that feature doesn't exist!" or "wait for Adobe to fix it!"...?