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    Additional comments in generated XML

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      On click of submit button in my PDF form, it will return to my webapp the generated XML from the form. Recently there is a case where we received extra XML comments being added into the XML (Right after the XML root element) . The comments are as following:




      If you filled in a form:


          This file contains data that was entered into a form.

          It is not the form itself.




      If you receive this data file:


          Please follow the directions below to process this data file using

          Adobe Acrobat Professional 7


      **To view the completed form:

          1) Save this data file to your computer.

          2) Open a blank copy of the original PDF form that the form filler

      completed in order to generate this data file.

          3) In Acrobat, choose Advanced > Forms > Import Data to Current Form

             and browse for this data file.

          4) You will see the form with the data in it.

          5) To save a copy of the form with the data in it, choose File > Save As

             and save the file.


      **To create a spreadsheet from one or more form data files you have received:

          1) Save the data files to a place on your computer, giving each file a

             unique name and making sure not to delete the '.xml' file extension.

          2) In Acrobat, choose File > Form Data > Create Spreadsheet from Data Files.

          3) Click the 'Add Files' button to chose the data files.

          4) After the data files are added, click the 'Create Spreadsheet' button

             to create a Spreadsheet that contains data from selected data files.




      I was wondering what could be the possible cause of this.