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    Error when import XML


      I am dealing with a INDD file with XML structure, after import the XML there is always an error occured when I validate it




      How to declare it in DTD? Or any way to avoid it?

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          MW Design Level 5

          Especially if you are importing XML with tables, I would recommend creating an ID document with tables, either use the auto-tagging or create your own tags based upon your XML, then exporting it to look how the XML is formed.


          Using the namespace as part of the table element should look roughly like this in your XML:


          <Table xmlns:aid="http://ns.adobe.com/AdobeInDesign/4.0/" aid:table="table" aid:trows="8" aid:tcols="5">


          The above is simply from a quick export of a table in ID. But note that the definitions, the declaration, of what the element parts are follows the namespace portion.