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    transitions and effects changing to letterbox


      transitions and effects changing to letterbox




      I'm running Premiere 5.5 and have found that on some effects like slowing the footage down to 75%(right click on clip; Speed/Duriation) and even transitions are turning the to a letterbox format (black band at top and bottom of screen, to clarify) then back to the original 1440x1080 untill the next transition.. I am totally unsure what is causing this..


      I have 3 sequences, and perhaps this is due to adobe trying to be intuitive?  the slowed down clip at the 3 sequence which goes into letterbox does it intuitively for the other transitions? Seems odd. The other sequences do not go letterbox at all for the transitions.


      So for my 3rd sequence I am using a simple video cross dissolve across both clips. The transitions have been rendered.


      Any Ideas why? and how can I fix this. all I want is to keep to 1440x1080.


      Much appreciated