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    AE freezes


      I'm using AE CS6 on Windows 7 and a pretty beefy machine (not a professional workstation, more of a gaming computer).


      AE keeps freezing for short periods of time. It happens frequently, usually (but not exclusively) when I move the CTI or try to do a RAM preview. It stops responding, freezing some other applications running as well. After a while it returns to working normally, so I haven't lost any work to it, only a lot of time. What causes this and how do I make it go away?




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          Mylenium MVP

          Without exact system information nobody can say. Could be your operating system doing some intense disk operation like creating system restore points or managing its swap file, could be AE's own disk cache, could be a virus scanner or could be a graphics card crash/ freeze. We need to know a lot more.



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            zoliking2 Community Member

            I'm running windows 7 professional SP 1. No virus scanner and the firewall and automatic updates are off. (I know it's not safe, but it's simpler to handle.) The processor is an intel core i7-3770K, the video card is an nVidia GTX 660. I have 16Gb RAM. Cuda is enabled, but the problem was happening before I enabled it. I have a number of Red Giant plug-ins, again, the problem existed before I installed them. I usually run Premiere Pro, Total Commander, Photoshop and VLC media player beside AE.


            If there is a diagnostic program you need me to run for further info, send a link and I'll run it.


            I just turned system protection off on the drive that AE runs and saves on. If it solves the problem I'll post it here.



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              zoliking2 Community Member

              Bump. Sorry, but this is very important, I spend about 60% of my time on the project waiting for AE to respond.

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                Mylenium MVP

                Run Sysinternals' System Monitor or another performance monitoring tool like Sandra. Impossible to tell what is causing these hiccups. Could even be a hardware issue with your SATA controller or whatever.



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                  imeilfx ACP

                  As Mylenium said - it hard to say without kbowing exact specification and bug report of your issue. But for now you can try reseting AE preferences of AE. It should put everything in default mode and if AE is an issue it should fix it. So try to hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS) while the application is starting.

                  If that methode can't reset your settings just go to Edit/Preferences/General and on the bottom you should find Reveal Preferences in Explorer just click that and delete/move Adobe After Effects (your version of soft) Prefs.txt

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                    zoliking2 Community Member

                    Thanks, I'll do that. I'll post the results here.

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                      zoliking2 Community Member

                      I've been running the Sysinternals Process Monitor for a while and all I could notice is that it seems that these freezes always happen when AE is trying to access disk. The project files are on a regular drive and AE's cache is set to an SSD that has both the OS and AE as well.

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                        Todd_Kopriva Adobe Employee

                        Please submit a detailed bug report:


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                          zoliking2 Community Member

                          I submitted the bug report.

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                            zoliking2 Community Member

                            I just ran a disc check on my SSD. It made the problem more frequent, now I can barely work.

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                              zoliking2 Community Member

                              I updated the BIOS, but it didn't do anything.

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                                zoliking2 Community Member

                                I ran windows update, downloaded and installed all updates. I also updated AE to the lates version. Still no change.

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                                  I suppose you already tried to change all cache path from the ssd to the regular disk. Does that change the crash frequency?

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                                    zoliking2 Community Member

                                    I haven't tried that, I'm doing it now. I'll report the results here.