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    How can I open another XFA PDF form from acroform PDF and populate values dynamically


      Hi All,


      I am very new to PDF javascript.

      I want to create a PDF dynamically from an Acroform template on click of a button.


      For that we have created dynamic XFA form and attached it in acroform template.

      I could open XFA form with the help of Javascript within acroform but I can not call function defined in XFA form.


      code snippet from Acroform Template


      this.exportDataObject( {cName: "Form.pdf", nLaunch: 2});

      var Doc = getNamedDocument("Form");

      Doc.xfa.form.form1.Script.addRow(attr1, attr2, attr3);


      whereas addRow function is defined in XFA form.


      When I click button it gives me error saying

      Doc.xfa.form.form1.Script.addRow(attr1, attr2, attr3) is not a function



      Please provide me suggestions on how should I work with this requirement