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    rename files for contactsheet

    Judith Visser

      I'd like to make a contactsheet.

      To do so, I first have to rename my files from numbers to letters, because otherwise the photo's are at a wrong place in my contactsheet.


      I make numbers like: 01, 02 ,03 etc.

      When I want to batch the files to rename them with letters, in bridge or with an action in photoshop, then all the files are at another order.

      Does anybody knows, what I have to do so that I can rename it easily and that the programme does what I want?

      I hope someone has the answer.

      Thank you for helping me out.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Judith


          You'll be pleased to know it's really easy to do.


          Open Bridge, and navigate to your images. 

          Either place them, or make a copy of them, and place in their own folder

          Now simply drage them into the order you want them.

          Select all the image files

          Tools > Batch rename

          Give meaningful name > set counter to 1 > set digits to a figure according to how many images to ensure you have preceding zeros.



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            Judith Visser Level 1

            Well, my problem is that after "z" it will become aa.

            Then the order I want them has gone if I make a contactsheet.


            I'd like to have them like: aa, ab, ac, ad, af,  etc.. az and then ba, bb, bc, bd etc, bz and the ca, cb,cc etc.

            If you make a contactsheet then. It will be right.


            I hope there maybe will be an easy answer for this too.

            thanks for helping me out.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              How are you making the contact sheet?  If with the old Photoshop script, then it's several years since I last used it, but IIRC you just need the files to be in the right order, and tell it how many rows and images per row.  I don't remember anything about the file names needing to start with a letter.


              So what version of Photoshop?  What are you using to create the contact sheet?  How many images, and how do you want to format them?


              Goodness.  I just checked and it was more than six years ago.  This was done by choosing not to flatern the Contact sheet so I could use Free Transform and layer masks to overlap the images.  It took me ages!


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                Judith Visser Level 1

                I'm using CS6.

                File, automate, Contactsheet II.

                I use 25 to 36 photo's. I make it for a estate agent who sells houses.

                It's the front of a cd.

                So you can image that it's important to have it in the right order/direction.


                You can try it. Then you will see what happens if you use numbers instead of letters.

                Or I do something wrong maybe. I hope so.

                I think in CS6 photoshop flattens the contactsheet itselves.

                Beautiful colors by the way.