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    What's the best way to set up a wiro-bound booklet?

    RuthK Level 1

      I'm setting up a wiro-bound booklet, and the printer will want each page with a full 3mm bleed.

      However, obviously when printed the booklet will appear as spreads, so I would prefer to work with it viewed as spreads in InDesign.


      The problem with spreads is that they're not really designed for the inner side to have bleed, and the bleed would come from the opposite spread, which I want to avoid.


      As far as I can see, the only way to do this is to set it up with spreads and then manually change it. I'm relucant to do this because I've received the file from the original designer and it's already been set up as single pages.


      (...and, irritatingly, with the page numbers all put in manually, and not a single paragraph style defined)


      Any help appreciated.





      PS - I'm working with InDesign CC