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    "Make link" in a textbox is not working

    stageit ab

      Hyperlinks in text


      When editing a text in a textbox one can mark a text that is a link (for example www.google.com), right click it and choose the option "Make Link". Then that specific text will be turned into a fully functional hyperlink with colors and everything, BUT only in the "edit text mode". In the layout in Edge will the hyperlink not work or even be seen as a link. And not in the browser either.


      This must be a bug, isn't it?!


      I've seen many post about really tacky ways to get hyperlinks in a text by coding and so on. These are typical "english" solutions because you never think about translations. Hideing text inside code is very bad programming when it is time for translation.


      The function is there for makeing hyperlinks but it doesn't work. So where do we report bugs??