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    adding and refering the childs of a container

      here i am with a problem, i m creating a chat based flex application in which when ever i click on an name of the user it opens a new window, which contains a text area, input text etc... this happens each time what i want to chat with a person. ( think like yahoo messanger).

      So for creating seprate window i used FLEDMDI framework in flex 2.0.1 which works well......
      when i double click on a user name it opens a new window, inside this new window i created a MXML component which is added as as a child to this window container...... this addition is also works fine ,

      but the problem is how can i refer these components text box etc....... bcoz when a new message comes form a user then i need to populate it in his window only........

      so it is neccssary for me to hold dynamically created component child reference.....
      how may i achive this.??
      and in action script 3 we cannot create controls as in AS2 where we can assign a "String+variable" name as a control name..........

      so what might b the solution??
      thanks in advance