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    Data Management Service

    Stefano1022 Level 1

      Hello, I urgently need your help.

      I have to invoke a Java DAO from LiveCycle DataService. I configured a Data Management Service that works correctly. When I invoke the method, however, the ArrayCollection is not populated immediately, but is populated after running all the actionscript code. I need to use the data from the server in successive method calls. eg:



                                              public function initApp():void {

              var collectionTest:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

              var ds:DataService = new DataService("Product");

                                                             ds.autoSyncEnabled = true;

                                                             ds.autoCommit = false;


                                                             var token:AsyncToken = ds.fill(collectionTest);


              var description = this.getProductDescription(collectionTest.getItemIndex(0));


              var ds2:DataService = new DataService("UpdateProdotto");


              var collectionTest2:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();       

              ds2.fill(collectionTest2, description);





      How can I do that?

      thank you very much.