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    Blur trace in smart sharpen

    TurgayOrhan Level 1

      I want to create a specific blur trace file for my camera for using it in my capture sharpening job.

      Do you have any idea ...

      Or a web site link explaining how to create such a file?



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          TurgayOrhan Level 1

          By the way, I want to make an extensive and technical study on the subject of sharpening. But, I could not find any good text on this topic, just some internet pages. So, I need a good book advise ... but it should be new and cover all the new sharpening methods used today.

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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Currently the Camera Shake Reduction filter does not have an options to save a preset.  It analizes each file.  So creating one for your camera that you could use over and over would not work - as far as I know.  I you have a camera that has a constant shake, I would use the mirror up function or get a better camera.  As far as books or links, you best bet is to do a web search, as there are a lot of ways to sharpen and a lot of 3rd party plugins that do the same.