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    GraniteDS 3.0.0.M3 is out

    franck.wolff Level 1



      The new version of the Granite Data Services platform is out.


      It is a very important milestone on our way to the final 3.0.0.GA release: beside the usual bugfixes and improvements for Flex developers, it brings new or matured support for Android and JavaFX.


      Be sure to read the full announcement here: http://granitedataservices.com/blog/2013/08/20/graniteds-3-0-0-m3-is-out/.



      The next version will be a release candidate (3.0.0.RC1), which will add a new UDP-based real-time messaging support, even more lighter and faster than our asynchronous HTTP-based protocol (usefull in trading and gaming applications for example). This RC1 should then be shortly followed by the final 3.0.0.GA