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    how can I create P2(panasonic) proxy of that won't look squashed? (or make the proxy appear normal)?


      I am in the midst of setting up to edit a 7-camera shoot, where the original footage was shot on Panasonic cameras as 960x720 HD (P2 720p 50hz DVCPROHD), and have a question about using proxy footage.


      Due to the high camera count and  it being HD, I have created ProRes proxy for the edit so my multi cam experience is smooth, which it is, it runs like a charm.


      Unfortunately, the proxy footage is squashed due to the square vs rectangular pixel issue.


      My client is totally fine with that but is there either a way to create proxy clips with rectangular pixels, or to have the sequence show it properly (i.e. some kind of tweak in Premiere Pro CS6)?


      I created the sequence in the proper format


      Thanks for any and all help.



      Dave Kowalski