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    how to display html tags content in flex

      hi all,

      It would be great if any one can lead me to a tutorial of integrating html tags content in flex. Actulay i have to insert and series to table in flex

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          peterent Level 2
          The Flash Player has a very limited number of HTML tags it can handle - table is not one of them. Since Flex is just a way to build Flash Player content you are limited by what the Flash Player can do.

          We don't supply a full browser/HTML rendering engine in the Flash Player because it would make the Flash Player a multi-megabyte download (eg, 11-12 MBytes); right now the Player has a small footprint which enables it to be downloaded by virtually everyone.

          The Adobe AIR player (see labs.adobe.com) does have a full HTML component and can run Flex programs. The caveat is that the apps are not run in the browser, but on the local machine. The end-user has to download the AIR player in order to use it.

          You can also check out Alex's blog ( http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui/) and scroll down to "HTML and Flex"