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    Weird problem with ToC/Story Editor

    BeeVee23 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I write the documentation for a software package. Recently the package has had two new add-ons that require their own manuals, so I reused my original doc and cleared it out to use for the new packages. All good so far until I want to do the ToC. In the original docs, each bit is split into its own story editor, but with the new manuals everything is all in one story and I think that is causing problems with the ToC because sometimes I'll get sections with nothing in them while other Sections have too many subsections. I've been through and checked my styles, but the only way around it right now is to view the ToC in the Story Editor and drag/drop the subsections to the right places. Right now these new manuals are not even 30 pages each, with four or five sections but this is not a tenable situation. I use InDesign 5.5 under Windows. Anyone got any idea? Obviously more detail can be provided.


      Thanks in advance,