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    Color changes when exporting


      Hello everyone,

      Im having a little issue when im exporting. It is not giving me the right color, Ive already searched but ive found nothing. Ive already tried to export in each and every format and codec and the result seems to be the same.

      As you see in the screenshot it is already different even before exporting.


      All comments and suggestions are welcome! Please I really need help.




      Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.03.42 AM.png

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          First, reimport what you exported back into the project, drop the footage on a track above all other tracks in your timeline, drill down Opacity property and set Blend Mode to Difference. If the result is not pure black solid, you're really facing colour shift issue, and it's time to narrow it down. Otherwise just relax and enjoy.

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            Tatanr Level 1

            Thanks for your suggestion, but i really dont get it. I reimported and it seems to be exactly the same. Did the Blend mode thing and its pure black. But when i play it in Finder and Quicktime its different. Should i worry? Dont want to have color issues with my clients.

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              If you get pure black solid with Difference Blend Mode, than you don't get any colour shift on exporting.


              Never judge colours via QuirkTime (no typo), which is notorious for its crooked built-in colour management. Have no the slightest idea how to disable it on a Mac.


              Generally, if you're creating a look, you should judge colours on a properly calibrated production monitor, ingesting the signal from your editing application. If you're matching colours, things go easier, 'cos you may rely on visual similarity and waveforms and scopes.

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                Tatanr Level 1

                Hey there, me again. Ive being doingsome tests, and still dont feel confy about the color shift, and the worst of the case my clients have that issue in their own computers. The only way to avoid it, is watching it through VLC, but cant say each client to download VLC to see real colors. Im desprate, still dont know what to do.



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                  Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                  As I said, I'm on a PC and have no the slightest idea on how to disable notoriously crooked QuirkTime colour management. See if this Apple help section gives you some clue.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    still dont know what to do.


                    There's really nothing you can do to make sure your viewers see the project exactly as you intended.  Besides the player used, there's also the proper calibration of the monitor, and even the capabilities of the monitor -  all of which are out of your control.


                    All you can do is produce the best video you can.  It's up to each viewer to decide if they want to see it correctly, and take the necessary steps to do so.


                    Most won't.