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    MTS Audio Layer Issue

    rsukhram@tgioa.com Level 1

      Hey guys,  im not an expert with shooting video and understanding the different codecs/presets and such but I am using a smaller Canon Vixia HF-G10 and dragged my files from my local disk to the media browser in Premiere.. If you look at the timeline below you will see that every Video "layer" has an accompanying audio layer.  I recently opened this same project and tried dragging the same existing files from the media browser to the timeline and I now do not get anything in the audio layer.  The audio still plays but I cannot make changes to the audio at all.  If you look at the last 2 items below they are the same file "00030.MTS".  The first one shows content in the audio layer and the second does not.


      Is there a setting that may have been changed on my part?