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    numbered stills getting comingled? PE10


      in PE10, I import two sequences as single-frame numbered stills, forming two individual 8-second clips.


      Add one clip to the timeline, and all is well stepping through the frames.


      Then add the other clip to the timeline.


      The content of the first now seems to be overwritten with the content of the second, and even deleting the second leaves the first corrupt.


      Is it the case that only one clip made up of numbered stills is allowed?


      If i get the second sequence as its numerous individual files instead of forming a clip of numbered stills, all frames are as they should be.


      Tried searching and came up empty, is this a known problem? Might it have been fixed in 11?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you explain what you mean by " import two sequences as single-frame numbered stills, forming two individual 8-second clips"?


          What exactly are you importing into your project?

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            ccanimator Level 1

            Thanks for responding.


            I have a group of image files that constitute an animated sequence, in other words if you viewed them one after the other at 30 images per second they would look like natural motion. These files have a numerical sequence as the trailing characters of their filenames.  I can "get media" and bring all these stills into the project as individual 1-frame-duration stills. Then select them all, drag to the timeline, and play them at 30 frames per second. In this scenario there are a couple of hundred individual items on the timeline, eash with a duration of 1 frame. Each has the "properties" of "still image". This is all well-behaved.


            I can also "get media" and use the Numbered Stills checkbox to bring in these same images, but this time as a single video clip. The single clip has the "properties" of "video clip" with duration being the sum of the individual frames. Drag it to the timeline and it plays the same as the collection of individual "still image" frames described in the first paragraph. The single clip is a great convenience as it can have effects applied to it. This single clip is well-behaved.


            Now -


            I have _another_ similar group of image files, of course with a different base filename, different content, again with trailing few characters being the sequence number.

            I can do the same thing as with the first group, bring them in individually as hundreds of stills or as a single "video clip" using the "numbered stills" feature of "get media". Dealing with this clip all by itself is well-behaved.


            In the problem case, I create a project with just these two "video clips" that were "got media" as "numbered stills". If I concatenate them on the timeline, the frames within the first "video clip" are not what they should be. They have magically turned into frames from the second clip. The first clip is still sitting there on the timeline, sporting its own proper filename label, but when it plays or is rendered, its content is gone, replaced by the second.


            You would expect the two clips would play one after the other, seeing the two different sequences.


            I would like to be able to have more than one clip that was gotten as numbered stills.

            I would love to be told what I am doing wrong.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I know what you are trying to do using the Numbered Stills feature to create a Time Lapse video in Premiere Elements 10.

              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7f a2.html

              The principles will be the same for Premiere Elements 11, that is,


              via the Numbered Stills route (each time you invoke Get Media/Files and Folders/Add Media dialog using the numbered still option there),  your sequentially numbered files will be imported into Premiere Elements as a video file with each of the images representing one frame.


              In what you are doing...


              So, if I have my math coordinated with your detail of "8 second clip"s, you are importing two separate batches, each with 240 sequentially number photos.


              It does work, but I do not prefer to use numbered stills option. I do not feel that it offers enough flexibility for this task. Please check out my blog post on a suggested Time Lapse video workflow for Premiere Elements.



              But, if you stay with what you are doing, I would advise you to start a new project and go step by step. It does work in 10, and it will work the same in 11. No corruption. No comingling. What you select in the Add Media dialog with a check marked next to Numbered Still and with the first numbered still selected, you get what you selected as a video in Premiere Elements. The duration of the video will depend on how many photos (frames) are in the count.


              Please review.





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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I saw your latest post with details only after I posted by prior reply. I took the time to work through it once again just before posting. So, all has been recently road tested.


                Let me study what you just wrote. And, please review what I just wrote. And, then we can compare notes.


                And, if SG arrives back at the post before I get back, I am sure that he will have some thoughts on your workflow also. I entered your thread since this is a subject in which I have much interest and do not prefer numbered stills route in this. Just my opinion.





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Just a quick update. I thought I saw where you were coming from on this, but was not expecting the twists and turns that were revealed in your follow up details. I am in the process of updating my thoughts on what you said that you did and your results.



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                    ccanimator Level 1

                    AT -

                    Thank you for your interest.


                    Executive summary:

                    - Clips made from Numbered Stills are well behaved individually by themselves.

                    - Put two on the timeline and one messes up the other.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thoughts specific to your latest description of the issue...


                      I just did a complete run through on versions 10 and 11 Windows, same results, no problems.


                      Now just so we are in sync...I used two videos each created from a group of numbered stills via that Get Media or Add Media/routine.


                      1. Each of those video will have the file name of the first photo in the series. Mine did and each has a named unique to its video. Each video did not contain any photos that were in the other.


                      2. With the Timeline expanded max with the -+ slider, I dragged video 1 to the start of the Timeline. Then I dragged video 2 to the Timeline and placed it there side by side with video 1. Rendered the Timeline. Everything played back well. Nothing shifted from content. If the problem persists, hold down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as you drag video 2 in place next to video 1.


                      Have you been there and done all that? Is there any chance that you are inadvertantly overlaying the videos to any extent?

                      What are the pixel dimensions of the photos that went into each video and how many were there in each? Did you go exceed my guess-estimate of 240 photos per video?


                      Please review and let us see what we can sort out here.





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                        ccanimator Level 1


                        Again, thanks for the effort to help me out.


                        Yes, I am in harmony with all that you say.


                        I think I have the essential clue, although I dont see why it should have any effect on the problem.

                        I am using .png files, for lossless bitmapping. If that is a known problem, sorry I didnt mention it sooner.


                        I reduced the problem to merely four individual .png stills, two in one clip and two in the other. Same problem.


                        Then I opened Paint and saved the .png as .jpg. New project etc., ... No problem.

                        Then I saved the .png as .bmp. New project etc. ... No problem.

                        I then expanded my bmp experiment to 8 total frames (4 in one clip and 4 in the other) ... no problem.


                        My dimensions are 2281x800, .png is several tens of kB (30,40,50, depending), whereas mono .bmp is 226k, 24-bit color .bmp 5+meg.


                        PNG looks to be a legitimate supported format, and except for this Numbered Stills thing, it has been working for me.


                        Many thanks for doing your experiment, it indicated that something unique to my workflow was the problem and gave me the confidence to keep experimenting.


                        What I didnt go into was that my ultimate goal involves videomerge, which was Really Misbehaving with the clips getting scrambled. Now there's hope for that too. If sequential play was bad, videomerge was a horror.


                        Now I guess i am in the market for a utility to do a batch format conversion (and maybe a bigger hard drive to hold it all ). Any suggestions along that line?


                        Here's hoping that nothing else gets stressed by my weird project.


                        Thanks again.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Great news. Congratuations on your explorations and experimentations and tracking down the offending components.


                          I will do some exploring of .png in the numbered stills option. Sounds interesting.


                          As for Videomerge...when that first appeared on the Premiere Elements scene is was marketed as an "automatic version" of Chroma Key. I stay with Chroma Key and use it to remove "color" that should have been transparency. My workaround when I goof.


                          I will think about it some more but you might want to take a look at the free IrfanView program for your batch conversion of .png to .jpg. I have not tried it but it does look like it would work.



                          Do you have Photoshop Elements? If so, look at that also for ..png to .jpg (Full Editor/Process Multiple Files).

                          We will be watching for further progress.


                          Much appreciated the follow up.





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                            ccanimator Level 1

                            A.T. -

                            Hooray! I'm sitting here mesmerised by my animated stills, further animated by videomerge of one clip of varying opacity, one sequence overlaid on the other, which was my original goal.


                            I did dig into Photoshop Elements 10 to do the png conversion, found the File>Process Multiple FIles... option, and let it do the work. Chose JPEG Maximum Quality (to be safe) and let it convert both my sequences. Then in Premiere Elements10, New>Project etc. I managed to set a bunch of opacity keyframes to modulate the videomerged clip. This is what would be murder in dealing with hundreds of individual frames, but when there is a single clip created out of Numbered Stills, its so easy.


                            The JPEGs are perfectly well-behaved as clips, doing whatever I have asked a clip to do, whereas the original PNGs were not. The Max Quality ones are about 3x the original PNGs, but thats not a killer.


                            It is truly remarkable that my problem got looked into so promptly by you and S.G., and now its successfully worked-around.


                            Thanks a million.

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Really liked that "Hooray!". So very glad that everything worked out for you and your project. Congratulations on your success and good work.


                              Continued success.