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    Remove Drag and Drop Submit button

    TiaRocks Level 1

      Is there any way to make a drag and drop interaction in Captivate 7 that does not require the use of the Submit button? I would just like to advance to the next slide once the learners drags the object into the correct position. This is part of a computer demonstration in which dragging and dropping is part of the way the system works. In the audio we ask the learner to click in on a certain object and drag it to a certain area.


      Or, can I change when the Submit button appears – for instance can I have it appear after several seconds have gone by? Right now it just sits there for the entire slide and there seems to be no way to modify it.

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          999parth vyas Adobe Employee




          The submit button cannot be removed from the slide however if you select the option " auto submit correct answer" then it will move to next slide once the correct drag is droppped into the respective drop target.


          I hope this helps you






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            HaridossR1234 Level 2



            After selecting "auto submit correct answer", if you do not want submit button to appear in the  published movie,

            you can move it outside the stage area while configuring the drag drop interaction.




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              TiaRocks Level 1

              Selecting "Auto Submit Correct Answers" and moving the Submit button outside the stage area was the perfect solution! It works seamlessly. Thank you both for your help.

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                Eddiebo924 Level 1

                Couple of thoughts here. . .


                This seems like something a good number of people will want to do.  I too am doing a simulation and I hope that Adobe will add a "Show Submit" check box to the properties section.


                TaiRocks, not sure if you're doing this trick or not but it sure makes it looks a little more "Real".  For the section you want the viewer to "Drag & Drop", I use Windows Snipping tool to get a copy of that area and then paste it onto the slide precisely covering the area you want them to drag and drop.  Use that object as your "Drag" when using the setup wizard.  In the actual presentation when the user drags, they can see what they're dragging to the drop area instead of just some square or other object.



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                  buneznunez Level 1

                  I know this is an old thread, but you apparently still can't hide the Submit button, so I came up with this long way around the barn:


                  - add a custom CSS style to your course index.html file*

                     .hideCPel {display:none !important; opacity: 0;}

                  - create a new user variable:


                  - preview (or publish) the course so far and find the html ID of the Submit button:

                       - right-click the button and choose "Inspect" (or "Inspect element" in IE)

                       - you'll see it's in a div with an ID something like this: id=si4857481

                       - the actual visible part is in a nested Canvas element, which has the same ID with a c added to the end (i.e. 'si4857481c')

                  - create advance actions for the DnD success or fail:

                        - along with whatever else you want it to do include these actions:

                        - assign 'dragEx1' to "complete"

                       - add an Execute JavasScript action and add this code:

                             $('canvas[id^=si4857481c]').addClass('hideCPel');//hide submit button


                  - then I had to create a custom slideEnter advanced action to fire on subsequent slide visits (after the DnD has been completed):

                        - add an Execute JavaScript action:

                  if(window.cpAPIInterface.getVariableValue("dragEx1")==='complete') {

                     $('canvas[id^=si4857481c]').addClass('hideCPel');//hide submit button



                  *I had to add that CSS class because I can't seem to ever be able to change inline styles on Captivate objects, but adding a custom class CAN override their default styles.


                  Hope this helps somebody. It's a small problem, but I hate that Submit button staying visible.

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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Why such a workaround? Just drag that button off the stage is much easier and quicker.

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                      buneznunez Level 1

                      A couple of reasons. The main one being that, as far as I can tell, it will only auto-submit correct answers. My interaction is a knowledge check with a possibility they will drag incorrect answers, so if a user drags incorrectly it just sits there waiting for them to click Submit. If I've hidden off stage then they are stuck. So it seems like the auto-submit would only work for a DnD that's one draggable and one drop area. Am I wrong about that? (because I'd love to not have to go to all that trouble in the future--even though I'm kind of proud of myself for figuring it out. :>)


                      The other reason is that I'm making updates to an existing course that already has audio instructing them to click Submit. It wouldn't be an easy clip edit to remove that part and re-recording isn't an option.

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                        Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        It depends on the number or attempts you are using. And you forget that each drag action can have its own (advanced) action. I often use D&D for non-quiz slides and just drag the Submit button out of the stage. There are many ways to have a reaction without pushing the users to click a Submit button.

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                          dan56 Level 2

                          I'm with Lilybiri. I drag the built-in Submit button off the stage, then create a custom Submit with AA that do what I want.

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                            brandons98972150 Level 1

                            Old thread, I know, but maybe someone has a suggestion.


                            We have a similar issue happening. I have single drag sources with single drop targets. I have a Auto Submit Correct Answers selected, because in the software we're simulating that is what happens in real life (you drag an object and then something happens).


                            In the past, we've set the D&D to Infinite Attempts and No Action on Failure. We move the Submit button off the workspace. We've used a click box to pause the slide and provide a number of attempts (clicks), and then when the user clicks that amount of time (incorrectly) the slide is set to continue. A message is then displayed that they exceeded their allowed attempts. This is the basic setup we have followed, and it has worked well for us.


                            I'm not sure if something that has always been a part of D&D interactions or it's something that has changed with Cp9, but I've noticed the Pause After setting under the D&D. I know this is causing our issue, but I don't know how to get around it.


                            I want the following to occur:

                            1. D&D to auto submit on correct answer and move to another slide.

                            2. After a set number of incorrect attempts, slide set to continue and a message is displayed.


                            The problem is, the slide does not continue on the allowed number of attempts (programmed in the click box shown in the Timeline below). I believe the D&D Pause After setting is holding it up, and I don't see a way to remove this pause setting. In the image, the top two objects are D&D, the click box is used simply to pause the slide show and advance it after 4 clicks. The Failure Prompt is a smart shape button that pops up when they click too many times (says they exceeded their attempts). They click that pop up and then the mouse movement shows them what they were supposed to do.



                            Any suggestions from anyone who might see this?


                            Brandon Smith

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                              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              Not totally sure I understand, just some facts about D&D:

                              • D&D slides hava an automatic pausing point at 1,5 secs, which is not visible in the timeline, but can be changed in the Timing Properties panel. I don't see why you need a click box as well.
                              • Failure action never happens when you have Infinite attempts. I already logged several times that this action should be renamed 'Last Attempt' action and it should be dimmed when Attempts are set to Infinite. It is really the same work flow as with quiz slides.


                              Why, in your case, don't you simple set the number of attempts to the wanted amount, and use that 'Last Attempt' action to continue?

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                                brandons98972150 Level 1

                                Thanks Lilybiri,


                                So, I've tried setting the D&D interaction to 6 attempts and changing the Failure (Last Attempt) to Continue instead of No Action. But, we're not seeing the slide continue on the last attempt. I assume this has something to do with the Submit button. We move this off the screen because we want to simulate the behavior in the software (user drags something and then it happens instantly). Does the user have to click Submit to count as an official attempt?


                                We have typically used the click box to simply control the playhead - we pause it at a certain point, and then on the last click it advances to the "failure" prompt pop up.


                                I've played around with different settings and arrangements, but nothing is perfect. I'm finding inconsistencies with whether the slide pauses or continues on my last click, and it depends on when I make the last click. I've tried a workaround and I think it will work.


                                I'm shortening the length of the main objects on the slide to two seconds. D&D remains paused at 1.5 default, click box at 2 seconds. My Failure prompt now pops up quicker. I'll set that to go to the next slide and simply show the mouse movement on this extra slide.

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                                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  Did you take out the click box in the first screenshot. You didn't need it anymore! I would have moved the pausing point to much later in the slide, because you have such a long audio clip. The actions are executed like on a question slide. But since the slide is pausing, and if you have a long inactive part (after the pausing point) it looks like the slide is not continuing. You could also have set the Failure action to 'Go to Next Slide' instead of Continue. Hoxever, it is necessary to take out ALL other interactive objects which are pausing that slide.


                                  Understanding the timeline, and how pausing is working, is one of the first challenges for every Captivate user. I spent quite a lot of time writing out several blog posts. Have a look at:

                                  Pausing Captivate's Timeline - Captivate blog

                                  Timeline - Advanced Workflows - Captivate blog

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                                    brandons98972150 Level 1

                                    When I remove the click box and use only the D&D interaction to record my attempts, it is not recording incorrect drag attempts, only the correct one. I have Auto Submit Correct Answer selected and have the Submit button off the screen. I don't want users to have to click Submit to register an attempt. So the click box is controlling the playhead. With the shortened time, I'm not seeing any issues with when (or whether it happens at all) the playhead continues after the last click. I have the click box pause at 2 seconds and the D&D set back to the 1.5 default. Now, immediately after 6 incorrect clicks I see my pop up right away. That pop up (SmartShape button) sends user to the next slide to see the mouse movement and then I show them the D&D video clip.


                                    I like the way it's working as of now, so until I find a way to do it without using the click box I think I'll keep it.


                                    Thanks for your suggestions!


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                                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      You still misunderstand, sorry.... I tried to explain but give up.

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                                        brandons98972150 Level 1

                                        I thought I understood what you were saying. But, I don't know how to have the D&D interaction release the playhead from it's pause point when the Submit button is off the slide. I've tried multiple times, and the object simply returns to the original location after dragging to the incorrect spot. When I add the click box and add it to the top of the stacking order, for some reason this pause point and number of attempts works for our purposes - after the number of clicks, the playhead releases and slide continues.


                                        I did see something in your post about pausing that does happen to us. In the first image I posted, the click box has a pause point of 16.5 seconds. (We also usually have this at the top of the stacking order. I was playing around and moved it below the D&D objects.) The D&D in that example was set to pause at 16sec, because as you mentioned in your blog when the playhead releases from the default 1.5 seconds it can then continue for a long inactive period of time on the slide. What I'm finding is the problem for my examples is, (and this is using a click box also - since I have no luck without it) when I use up my 6 clicks before the pause point of the D&D, the D&D pauses the slide and I never even get to the pause point caused by the click box.


                                        That is how I came to the final workaround of shrinking the times of the objects to two seconds. The D&D now pauses at 1.5 instead of 16 or whatever, and the pause point of the click box is at 2 sec. Users are not likely to waste all their clicks by 1.5 sec. Having the Pause point of the click box only .5 seconds after that takes away the long inactive period that happens when all objects extend to the end of the audio as in the first example. The only difference I'm having in the final few steps is making my smart shape button (my failure message pop up) jump the user to the next slide instead of continue, which is where they see the mouse movement.


                                        This seems to work. And forgive me if you were suggesting something that I don't understand. Thank you for the links though and for taking the time to help. Always appreciated.