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    Photoshop CC 64bit Freeze whole System Win7 64bit Pro


      Hi @ll


      houston i have a problem!


      my photoshop freezes during work. when photoshop freezes then is the whole system freezed only an reset help to boot and try again. the freezes startet 3 day ago and comes ONLY in photoshop!

      i tried diferent applications to check out what kind of issue it could be but other CC Apps, Rendering Apps or Gaming with Heavy System Load theres no Problem. I work with the Photosho 64bit Version


      My System Specs


      Intel 3930k

      Gigabyte X79s Mainboard

      32 Gb Ram

      240 SSD Corsair

      120 SSD Corsair

      500 WD Black

      7970 GHZ Edition GPU

      Windows 7 64bit Pro



      Drivers are all up to date. I have read other Freezing Probs but the solutions doesnt help. HAs anyone an idea what could i try to fix or solve this problem because i need the photoshop for my screen design work



      thx and best regards from germany!


      i have tried for 4 hours Photoshop CC 32bit Version and it run stable for the moment with heavy load of work on it using nearly every function to test during design.