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    Multichannel output is fine on Premiere playback, but NOT on export

    ivanhalen Level 1

      Hi all,

      I just installed Premiere Pro CC leveraging my CC subscription

      For a show with my band I have to do some videos with a stereo track (music sequences, audio fx, background vocals, etc.) and a mono track (metronome/click for drummer)
      I have some multi-output external sound cards (Roland FA-66 and a Presonus Firepod), so stereo track will be on output 1-2 and metronome on output 3

      So far so good


      I setup audio tracks in a new "sequence" as shown in the following picture:


      Then I make sure that Audio track mixer has the right settings:


      I can hear the "base" track (stereo) coming from output 1-2 of my sound card, and click coming from output 3 (I have 3 loudspeakers), so I'm sure it's a fine setup


      Now the best part: when I go to export, no matter what format I choose (AVI, H.264, QuickTime, etc.), the audio tab shows only Mono and Stereo options, an do "multichannel" options.

      The picture shows that the sourse is "Multichannel", but the output, for an unknown reason, is "Stereo"


      Of course, my metronome track get mixed (in the left channel) with the "base" track, so it's useless

      I also tried with 5.1 settings, same thing: the click is always mixed wioth the main stereo track


      Where am I wrong? Any clue, please?