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    Multi-Cam Question

    pebalsamo Level 2

      I have been using PPro CC for about 6 months now, moving up from 5.5.  I am doing my first edit when I am using a nested sequence and the multicam monitor.  In previous versions of PPro I have set up the multi camera project, I will play the video in the multi-camera monitor and as I click around on all the cameras the edits are recorded to the timeline when I stop.  When I would get to sections where I knew I would not be cutting back and forth so much I would just scrub on the timeline (not the multi-camera monitor) and when I got to a place where I wanted to switch cameras I would just click on that camera in the multi-camera monitor.  In CC the edit works fine if I am playind the video in the multi-camera monitor and clicking on my cameras, but I cannot get it to work by just srubbing the video to where I want and then clicking on a camera.  I have tried turning on the recorde button and that is not making a difference.  Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?


      Thank you for any and all help.