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    suddenly can't print

    kjhart0133 Level 1

      I mistakenly sent a print job to the printer before it was ready.  I went to the print queue, highlighted the job and deleted it (I think!) before the printer could start printing.  Now, when I'm ready to print, I hit the print button on the Photoshop print setup screen and nothing happens. I don't see the print queue icon in the desktop, nor does the printer start printing.  I've cycled the printer off/on and restarted my computer, but it still won't print to my Canon Pixma Pro 9000.


      My computer is an Apple Mini running 10.8.3, and I'm trying to print from Photoshop CS6.


      Is there any way to bring up the print queue on its own?  I suspect there is a paused job, but I can't see it because the print queue doesn't appear.


      I am able to print to my little document printer; its print queue icon comes right up and the doc prints just fine.




      Kevin H.

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          kjhart0133 Level 1

          Figured it out!  Doh!  Go to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > Open Print Queue and there it is.  The print queue was indeed paused, not sure how I did that, and all my attempts to print were listed.  I deleted the dozen or so failed attempts, unpaused the queue and I was back in business.


          I'm still puzzled why the print queue doesn't come up when you send a job to it, paused or not.


          Kevin H.