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    Help with overprinting black


      I've been reading about overprinting black, and while I know I should mark black type against a lighter backround as overprinting under Attributes, I'm getting confused about other areas that may need overprinting.


      The project details are: Textbook is printed in C+K only. I'm creating graphics in Illustrator, applying overprinting to black areas (black is 100K only, as its two plates) sending to TIFF (project process, can't change at this point), and placing in InDesign, which produces the final pdfs.


      Here's my question - should I be overprinting the black icons as well as the text in the circles? Should I be worried about the little white windows in the buildings in the central circle and the white dollar signs in the bottom circle? (If you can spot any other potential prepress issues with this, please advise! I'm a prepress newbie.)


      Thanks so much for your help!!