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    InDesign CC (CS7) Scrolling and moving around so slow and choppy!!


      Adobe - please send out an update for CC!! Me and IT dept checked my Mac system requirements and all is fine there. Moving around on my pages (e.g. hand tool) and scrolling is so choppy, slow, and lags. And sometimes my art disappears and I'm looking at blank pages until I stop or let refresh for a bit.


      I also noticed that when I'm in "preview mode," CPUs go down and much less choppy and smoother moving around, but I can't work in preview mode. (e.g. I need hidden characters on for Indexing markers, and my frames and guides on).


      CS6 works MUCH smoother, but I can't save client files down if that's how they provide them to me. Please recommend any other suggestions or hopefully an update will help this issue.