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    Text Tool not Responding

    MJG Level 1

      I'm just getting a horizontal line when I try to type a letter in Photoshop CS6.  No Brush Presets it seems. I was previously Painting in PS CS6.

      I use Apple  OS X Ver 10.8. 

      How do I fix it?  I'm not sure I'm in the right Forum but any help will be appreciated


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Is the type tool set to the same colour as the background?  Is the text size tiny?  Try OKing your line of text, and using Free Transform to enlarge it.


          To do it properly, oepn your image size panel and see what the linear dimesions of the image are.  If it is something daft like ten miles by 8 miles, and the DPI is set to 1, uncheck resample and change the dpi to something like 300.  


          I like to set preferences so that type size defaults to milimetres (or inches).  That way I can predict how big type will appear on an image document.

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            MJG Level 1

            Thanks Trevor for your helpful response.  The Text Tool is working fine now. Good tip about using inches for dimensions in Type.  I created my Logo.MJG Logo.pngIt's a .PNG  file so I guess that's why it's so light???  Thanks again.