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    After applying the fix for the IE 10 problem, no topic is displayed in the right pane


      The background:

      • We create WebHelp using RoboHelp 10.
      • It's a merged help system that uses a script (from Peter Grainge's site) to redirect from the parent start page to the initial topic.
      • The help is deployed in a web-based application.


      I applied Adobe's fix for the IE 10 display issue (the one that should fix the generated help). Then I regenerated the help and added the updated files to the product build. I'm seeing different behaviors. depending on how I access the build.


      Accessing the help from the product:


      When I run the product in IE 10 and click the Help button:


      • The right pane is initially empty and is gray (instead of the default white background):blank_right_pane.gif
      • If you click a topic in the Contents, the right pane doesn't change.
      • You can do either of the following to display the currently selected topic:
        • Resize the browser window.
        • Click a different tab in the navigation pane (Index or Search).


      After you take either of those actions, everything seems to work as expected.


      Running the help stand-alone:


      If I run the generated help by opening the start page in IE 10, the right pane displays the initial topic as expected. However, I still experience the original problem. For example, clicking a link from the search results does not display the topic until the pane is resized.


      Has anyone else seen this behavior? As a fall-back, we can add the meta tag to emulate IE 9 to our compiled start page. But, of course, we would prefer a different solution since any post-generation step could be forgotten in the scramble to get a release out.