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    After Effects Project with MOV. (RLE) files keep freezing system


      Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

      Intell i7 processor

      AMD FirePro V7900

      32 GIG DDR5 RAM


      After Effects CS6 runs perfectly smooth unless there are MOV.s with Animation Codec (RLE) present in a composition.

      The project will open up, it will display what looks like a corrupted version of the MOV. file (files are not corrupted) in the comp.

      I can generally navigate for about 30 seconds, then it completely freezes up. Eventualy it will automatically shut down After Effects, but my computer will continue to freeze up and eventually force resets itself.


      I have emoved all 3rd party plugins, reinstalled Quicktime and AfterEffects and still the problem persists.

      I updated my graphics card driver



      Please Help! I work daily from home with projects like these and I'm completely stuck still.  I'm kind freeking out, especially sense I just bought this new computer.