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    Major Bug in Premiere Pro CC (Transitions not working, audio problems)

    pjbarbour Level 1



      I found some major bugs in Premiere Pro CC. I'm using various transitions between some clips in a project I'm working on. I'm using some from Filmimpact.net, specifically, the "Impact Blur Dissolve" transition. I was having problems with Adobe Media Encoder not using the transitions within my sequence, i.e. even though I have transitions between the clips in PP, and they show when scrubbing in the timeline, when I export using AME, the transitions aren't there in the outputted file. But then there's another problem. I started removing transtions in PP, and replacing them with other Adobe default transitions, and when I scrub in the timeline, the transition that I just deleted is STILL there. Even though the new transition is sitting right there, plain as day, with the new name. That one is a huge bug! Never seen that before, and I've been using PP since about 2000. Last error I saw was that not all audio tracks are being sent through AME. So, when I had A1 track empty, and A2 and A3 had audio tracks, I get no audio in the final file that I output. And it didn't matter what file type I used. Any ideas?