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    Losing Formatting When Pasting Text in Photoshop CS6

    ohmeohmya Level 1

      I am trying to copy and paste text in Photoshop CS6 and I am losing the oh-so-valuable formatting.


      I am referring to two boxes side by side in Photoshop that contain text.


      I love the text in the first box, but when I try to duplicate the formatting in the second box right next to it, the text looks completely different.


      And, when I try to just paste some of the text from the first box to the second box, the 20 px text suddenly becomes 96.3 px text.


      Even though I go through all of the formatting options available and duplicate what was in the first box, the text in the second box ends up looking nothing like the first box even though they contain exactly the same formatting, font type - everything.


      I'm at a loss, and of course, this is a project on which I have a deadline in about three days.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Lots of ways round this, but what might be best for you is to select the first layer > Open Styles panel (Window > Style) > Create a new style by clicking on the second from the right icon at the bottom of the styles panel, and give it a name.  Now you can lay down some new text, and click on your new style to give it exactly the same style.


          Possible problems will arrise if using different fonts or sizes, because a bevel emboss that works for one, might be too big for another and turn to custard.


          If you want to cut and paste and take formating with you, you could Rasterize the source layer first.  The text would obviously no longer be editable.


          If I have misunderstood you, take another stab at explaing and I/we will try again.