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    Photomerge needs non-edited JPEGS to be saved again...error

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      Up until yesterday things have been flowing smoothly with Photomerge automation in Photoshop CS6. 


      I usually import RAW files to stich together, as well as JPEGS.  Randomly, it's to the point where I'll import several JPEGs, go to Add Open Files, and it gives me the "Documents must be saved before they can be merged" error.  They haven't been edited??  What gives? I've tried restarting Bridege, Photoshop, my computer but the probelm persists. 


      Someone on a previous post said it was the asterik found after the file name in Photoshop that was the culprit ((ex., IMG_8472@16.7%(RGB/8) * )).  I enabled the script event manager and restarted, but nothing changed, asterik is still there, asks to save.


      The only work-around is to go through every JPEG after importing and save them again.  Sort of annoying when there's 10 or so images to uselessly save before stiching. 


      I have a feeling that Bridge is doing something, or Photoshop makes a slight change as I import that gives me the error that they haven't been saved.


      Any ideas?







      UPDATE 08/21/13


      I just happened upon some JPEGs that don't have an asterik once imported into Photoshop.  With these, Photomerge does Add Open Files with no errors.  So now I'm wondering if it's something to do with the camera when it write a JPEG, or if it's still Bridge thats acting up and changing stuff slightly.