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    Why do I only see a grey box when I open a ".fla" file in Flash Pro CC?


      I'm using Flash Pro CC.  I have zero previous flash experience.  I'm a videographer/video editor that mainly works with live action video and I edit in Premiere CS5.  I found a flash animation that I wanted to modify and use

      in a video project.  I paid for and downloaded the file from the site activeden.com.  I'm running Flash Pro CC on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.  My Flash player is up to date with Flash 11.  I've never had any problems with any flash web sites not working.  But when I import these files, I can only see a grey box.  When I hit play at the bottom, I don't see anything happen.  It looks like the file was created with Flash CS4.  Any ideas for what's happening? 


      I've contacted the file creator to see if he could help me out, but I'm not holding my breath for that.  I thought maybe someone on here could help a Flash novice out.  Also curious if anyone out there could explain the relationship between the .fla files, the .swf files and the .xml files. I'm use to working with video where you just import a raw file (.mov or .mpeg4) into the NLE program and then export out as a compressed file (.mov or .mpeg4).

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the fla file is the flash pro source file.  that's the file you should "open" in flash.  ie, click file>open and navigate to the fla that you want to edit.


          when you "publish" a file from flash you create the final files that your end-user will utilize.  that file type can be a swf when you publish for the web.


          xml files can be source files or they can, in some situations (when publishing for mobiles), be used by final files.


          anyway, you should "open", not import (file>import), your source fla.  then test (control>test) to see if there are problems (like missing source files).

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