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    how set image size open raw file?


      How to set image size/resolution when opening a raw file in pse 11 editor??

      win 7 pro; pse 11 settings: edit>preferences>print resolution = 337.596, screen resolution 109 dpi( 27 inch, dell U 2711). Originally print resoltuion was set to 240 dpi  but was changed in case this was causeing a problem. CRAW v

      Camera alpha 65, image size is: 6000x3376 dpi; (83.33x46.88 inch)

      Problem is: Currently when I edit a RAW file in CRAW and then open in pse editor image size is: 6000x3376 px; 25x14.667 inches at 240 dpi ( by ration this corresponds to:17.773x10 inch at 337.6 dpi)


      I am trying to change settings so the raw file opens as: 17.776x10 and anywhere from240 to 337.6 dpi

      whatever works or is esiest to set.


      My settings are for use in creating blue ray dvd movies and with cropping and editing printing high quality pictures for family.

      Thanks  in advance for any help you can provide.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          That's a Sony Alpha SLT-A65?


          Are those pixel dimensions of 6000 x 3376 the size the camera raw files came out of the camera?


          You can't really change the resolution that the photoshop elements version of camera raw opens the the files into the pse 11 at.

          (i think 240 is the default for most cameras)


          You can however set the resolution with Image>Resize>Image Size if you need to for printing or other uses.


          In the Image size dialog uncheck Resample Image and enter the resolution.




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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            That seems to be a ratio of around 16 to 9 (16:9) instead of 3 to 2.


            Did you crop the images before listing the pixel dimensions as 6000 x 3376?

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              DAN28SY Level 1

              Thanks for the feedback. The camera is a Sony alpha-65, and the ratio is specifically 16:9 ( HD setting) and is what i want . The px dimensions of the raw file ( no cropping in CRAW editing)opening in Editor are as stated 6000x3376 (the same as what comes out of the camera as confirmed by camera specifications).

              I guess it was not clear that I was trying to avoid the extra step(s) of changing size/resolution manually by making settings (somewhere) in advance so it opened in Editor  as desired,With 1000+ pictures each step saving automation helps. I am not proficient with "Actions" to know if I can do it by this process.

              You stated that you can't change the resolution that CRAW opens the file in PSE Editor, so that means I can't achieve what I was trying to do.

              Thanks again for the feedback.

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                dj_paige Level 10

                May I suggest that even if you did go ahead and change the resolution in 1000 photos manually, there really is no point in doing so (if that's all you are doing is changing the resolution with "Resample Image" unchecked). Your image doesn't change if you do this, not a single pixel is different.


                You could save yourself a huge amount of time just by not doing it, and as far as I know, you lose nothing.

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                  DAN28SY Level 1

                  Thanks for your input but I am doing a lot photo editing in CRAW and also in PSE 11 Editor. That info was from an answer to my original post in which I only focused on the information that pertained to what I was trying to accomplish, to keen the input as brief as possible.

                  Thanks again