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    Importing FW files as pages into single file

    David A Johnson
      I cannot find a function for importing or combining separate Fireworks CS3 files into a single document as separate pages. I have installed the John Dunning extension for page commands, but it does not recognize other FW files for importing.

      Any ideas other than copy/paste? Would I lose all my layers and frames if I copy/paste?
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          Unless I'm mistaken, John Dunning's Page Commands - Import Files into Pages does pretty much exactly as you want.

          I have experienced some errors when running this command on complex documents - but generally it works well.

          You could also use the normal File > Import method, however, John's command automates the process and resizes the canvas to fit each document.

          Unfortunately, though, FW is limited (buggy?) in that importing will not maintain the canvas colour or frame names/delay per document, and it will only import the first page of a multi-page png file (and merge master page contents within the document - but not always in the correct position in the stack).


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            David A Johnson Level 1
            Thanks--I think I'll try playing with the Dunning extension some more to see if that works. Might have to create a new doc.

            Do you know of any extension conflict issues with FW? Could that be why the Dunning Page Commands aren't working correctly? I'll try turning all the others off.