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    LiveCycle form Completion


      A form I created has fields to be filled in by different applicants

      .Example. 1 Form has 4 sections -

      Section A : to be filled and signed by 1st applicant.

      Section B: to be filled and signed by 2nd applicant.

      Section C: to be filled and signed by 3rd applicant.

      Section D: to be filled and signed by 4th applicant.

      All the steps are in sequence.


      After the applicant 4 fills in the form the application is finally submitted.


      I am not sure if this process can be mapped in LiveCycle workbench as it is the form completion process and the user 2,3 and 4 are defined by user 1 in section A by capturing their mail ID.

      All the applicants of 1 form can be in different locations.


      Not sure if workbench has this ability?