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    Creating a pdf with user selectable images?


      Hello, I'm quite new to indesign and need some help. I really hate to be that guy saying "quick someone fix my problem for me" but I'm signifigantly behind schedual and this is holding me up.


      Basically, I need some way to alow a used to select from and print up to 8 of around 60 images. An ideal situation would be somehow being able to select images from dropdown lists, but as I said I'm behind schedual and no longer care if it's pretty or intuitive as long as it works.


      If anyone can offer some advice on acomlishing this I would be forever greatful. Oh, I'm using cs6

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          MW Design Level 5

          I would make a web site for this. I might use a PDF for showing off the options/images and point them to the web site.


          That said, you can use images on buttons, or layers, and show/hide the images using javascript. What is displayed is what will print. I would put the request for aid into the Acrobat forum as someone may have already scripted this. I probably wouldn't use ID for more than the static elements to make the PDF pretty. Then use Acrobat to add images and script it.