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    What are the best motherboards for the i7 4770k cpu for adobe CS6 Photoshop and Premiere


      I am building a system as I will be entering a few university courses where I will be learning digital photography as well video and video editing. I would long to build a good i7 system that will work well with the Photoshop CS6 suite. I am looking at building it around the i7 4770k CPU. I have read so many reviews over the past couple weeks that I think my head is about to rupture. I am note sure if I will move to 2 GPU's in the future but it might be possible even though I read the architecture of the 4th generation doesnt have enough pathways for 2 cards to run on PCIe 16. Anyhow, my eyes are waiting to see the suggestions for mainboard options as well as any other hardware you would suggest (for the case I am torn between the AZZA Genesis and the Cooler Master Stryker Full tower). Oh yes... also a decent monitor suggestion would be helpful... I was looking at the Asus ProArt PA248Q and the LG 23.8" AH-IPS Monitor (24EA53V-P).


      Thanks in advance.