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    Changing opacity in a selection on a layer without changing the entire layer.


      I've been using Photoshop CS2 for several years to enhance my photographs, but just now have encountered something simple I cannot find out how to do.   I have on the background layer a picture of a room interior with the exposure set mostly for the open window, but the rest of the room is very dark.  On the only other layer, the upper one, I have the same shot exposed correctly for the room, which overexposes the window aea.  The upper and lower layers are perfectly superimposed, and the upper layer is at 100% opacity.  I have selected the window on the upper layer and want to change the selected area's opacity to blend properly with the window on the bottom layer without changing opacity of the rest of the layer.  No matter what I do, changing opacity seems to affect only the entire layer, and I haven't figured out how to isolate the selected area for the opacity change.


      I can cut the selection to reveal the darker window on the bottom layer, but this doesn't give me the flexibility I need to balance the two exposures. An opacity change would be ideal.


      Any ideas?