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    Email addresses for Forms


      If I subscribe to forms central, I would like to create a form per email address for about 8 forms at the moment. Is this possible???

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2



          What do you mean by "create a form per email address"? You subscribe to FormsCentral with one email address and one email address will be one account. Do you want to create only one form in one account? Can you please explain more about what you want to do?




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            Suzanne1957 Level 1

            Thanks Wenlan


            Sorry for the confusion.


            I have 8 forms that I need to create that need separate email addresses to go to different departments.


            The other option I have is to subscribe to forms central with another email address and set up rules to send the form replies off to the other addresses when they arrive.


            Hope that makes more sense