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    MS Word 2010 import into InDesign CC


      Newbie I am getting familar with InDesign CC with the help of Sandee Cohen InDesign I see that you can import the styles. I am concerned about importing the TOC and also multiple pages.


      I have a book (technical publication) with about 60 pages with an ugly cover (don't need to import)  and TOC and a number of styles for Chapter and heading and plenty of graphics some embeded in tables ...one or two are nested tables.  Would love to rearrange and have some idea of doing that but InDesign is certainly like MS Word on steriods !! So any help in graphics presentation is good.


      Should I experiment with possibly 10 pages or just go for the gusto and import the whole book ...I am on a tight schedule in geting this over to a POD and thought I would ask here.


      I have copy editors looking reviewing parts in word so I will have to add more pages at different intervals. 

      Being a newbie I do not want to screw up my installation of Indesign but I do want the maximun production what can I do and what can I not do.


      Also CreateSpace and Lightning Source have stringent requirements ... how can I tell the quality of the pictures that I am using. 600 dpi  or CMYK


      Thanks a ton ahead of time,



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. I would not import the toc from Word at all, I would always recreate it in InDesign with the tools of InDesign.
          2. I would also create all paragraph styles inside InDesign and not use any of Word's imported styles. InDesign has far more possibilities in formatting than Word has. I would recommend to get rid of any Word formatting from your document.
          3. Embedded graphics of Word? I doubt that they have the quality you need. A resolution of 300ppi (not dpi!!!) should be enough for print, but Word embedded images have normally not even that resolution.
          4. I would try to get the graphics in print quality, probably, Word embedded graphics are not. Best file type is AI, PSD, PDF, PDP, TIFF and High Quality JPG. Try to get vector files as ai, in MS Office often those files are used as EMF/WMF or as rasterized PNG. All three are not good for print production.
          5. There is no need to have CMYK pictures to place in InDesign. Convert the images upon PDF export. BTW in Word you will never use CMYK images.
          6. Take care that the images have a valid color space, that is color profile and color space. Word does not support any color profile.
          7. If you are not in routine in importing Word to InDesign, I would test it. But if you work correctly with styles, the amount of work is about the same if you import 10 pages or 1000. So breaking up the work in small groups it will only increase the amount of work you have to do several times.