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    Premiere Pro CC Feature Request: Shortcut for 'Close Other Timeline Panels'

    kinkersnick127 Level 1

      I'm about to post a feature request, but wanted to see if anyone else is interested in this request too. Adobe told me that getting support on the forum first is a good way to push the request through.


      Here's the very simple FR:


      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature:


      Keyboard Shortcut for 'Close Other Timeline Panels'


      How would you like the feature to work?


      It was a great touch to add this contextual menu item to Premiere Pro CC, but it's a little clunky without being able to assign a keyboard shortcut to it.


      It's usage would simply close every other Timeline Panel except the active one upon pressing the shortcut.


      The default could be something not currently in use like Ctrl+Cmd+W (since CMD+W closes the active panel), but customisable in the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

      Why is this feature important to you?


      This is something I have to do very frequently while editing, and since I (and many others) edit largely with the keyboard, a shortcut would be very useful and speed up workflow just a tiny bit.




      Anyone else interested in this (admittedly fairly boring) feature request, let me know!