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    Making editable landing pages with Edge Animate




      I love working with edge animate, so darn easy and intuitive. But I've got myself a challange that I can't figure out.


      I need to create some landing pages for a marketing campaign that I wan't to run. I am really interested in using a tool called 'Landing Page Genius' (http://landingpagegenius.com/) to run multiple test on which landing page is better. My problem is that I don't seem to have that kind of access to the code so I can insert their snippets.


      Does anybody have an idea how I can go about integrating the coolness of Landing Page Genius into my edge animate projects? Is it possible to somehow 'convert' the edge project to regular HTML code in Dreamweaver?


      I hope anybody has been down this path before and know some tricks :-D

      Thanks in advance.