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    Add new tag with extendscripts



      Is it possible to add text to a framemaker document and apply a tag to it with Extend scripts?

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          4everJang Level 3



          The answer is yes, obviously, but I am guessing you would want to know how this works, and that depends on what you mean with tags: format tags (paragraph or character formats), element tags in a structured document, condition tags ?


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            MeeraPRV Level 1


            Thanks. I am indeed looking at how this can be done.


            The document has an anchor tag for the images. I need to add a header tag before each of these  anchors in the document.


            I need to perform the following tasks

            Locate the anchor tag, say p1. 

            Add a text with header formatting prior to this tag(p1)  wherever it occurs.



            Any pointers on this would be very helpful