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    Gradients gets cropped with the Direct selection tool

    Mr. Andersson Level 1

      I discovered another strange thing with gradients in InDesign.

      I could see this problem in both CS6 and CC.



      1. Make a gradient fill and apply it to a square object



      2. Use the Direct selection tool and select two corners



      3. Move the corners and you will see the gradient fill being cropped away




      4. Change to the Selection tool and make the object wider. It does not reveal any more colors. They are cropped away for good now.




      According to the color palettes this is still a gradient fill but it looks like one color now more or less. I couldn't find any way to release the cropping. I suppose it would have to be reveresed with the Direct selection tool.



      The gradients in Illustrator stay inside the object when using the Direct selection so both selection tools works the same way. I also tried with vector objects in Photoshop and the gradient fill effect. Both selection tools in Photoshop works the same way as Illustrator. Gradient stays inside the object.



      So is it a bug or feature?