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    Software/hardware integration: Adobe CS5 & Brother MFC-J825 DW




      I think this may well be my first ever post to these forums... so be nice!


      I work as an illustrator, and have used Photoshop in combination with scanners for years, no problems. Fairly recently - actually this all coincided with a hiatus in my illustration work, which has meant that 'fairly recently' is a little while ago now - I moved on to Adobe CS5, and around the same time changed from an Epson multi-function scanner/printer to a Brother one (MFC-J825DW).


      My old style workflow was this: draw pics, scan them, work on them in either (or both) Photoshop and Illustrator. With my Epson printer I was able to launch Photoshop and scan directly. I liked the simplicity of that one-step processs immensely.


      Since upgrading to CS5 and getting the Brother printer I can no longer do this. It introduces a new step, which is the Brother 'Control Center' software. I REALLY dislike this. I much prefer to open Photoshop and do all the scanning related work in a single step within the software in which I'll subsequently be editing the images.


      Although I've read a number of threads relating to this topic - e.g. this one:

      http://forums.adobe.com/thread/849413 - none have actually resolved it so far.


      I've downloaded a TWAIN driver from Brother, and placed it in the appropriate folder, but I still don't have any way to scan from Photoshop. It used to be that within Photoshop I would go:


      File > Import > Epson TWAIN


      ... but despite downloading the Brother TWAIN driver and installing it (well, actually I found it was already there, but I re-installed it anyway), nothing shows relating to scanners under File > Import >


      Having spent just under four hours trawling the web, inc. various forums, and calling Brother, Adobe, and even the shop where I brought the device, I have still got nowhere. So any help on this would be greatly appreciated.