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    Command not working

    kjh987 Level 1



      Is there a reason why some command doesn't work anymore ? Like :


      <uitext name="LOGOCLICKURL" value="http://www.mycompanyname.com"/>




      <uifont name="FONT_OUTLINE" value="Verdana,11,false,false,true"/>





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          mkalyanp Level 2

          Hi Caroline


          The hyperlink to the URL is working fine on our systems. Can you please try by setting flash global security settings to the folder containing your published output or to C:\


          As for the second issue, its a bug from our side and we are looking into it.


          Please let me know setting the flash security settings resolves your issue first issue.




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            kjh987 Level 1

            Hi Mahesh,


            Do you think the bug will be fix soon ?


            As for the flash security, it seems to work.


            Thanks a lot,