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    How do I add an outline to a check box in InDesign CS6?


      We have a series of existing documents (that were not produced by us) where the check boxes show up as purple boxes in the exported interactive pdfs. Our client wants us to amend the check boxes so that they show up in the pdf as purple boxes with a .25pt black outline, (which would also show up if the pdf was printed).


      In the InDesign document the check boxes already have a 1pt black outline (which doesn't show in the pdf). I can change the 1pt outline to ,25pt, but it still doesn't show in the pdf.


      We have other documents with check boxes where the outline does show up in the exported pdf, but we can't see any difference at all in the properties of the check boxes, so we can't see why some outlines work and others don't.


      Any help would be gratefully received!